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Boise’s integrated new parking system, ParkBOI, delivers more convenient ways to help you find and pay for public parking in Downtown Boise.

These improvements offer:

  • •    Better use of on-street, short-term parking in core locations downtown
  • •    Long-term parking in garages and surface lots
  • •    Flexible payment choices with card, coins, or by phone with the new Parkmobile app

This helps promote vibrancy and economic prosperity for downtown businesses and the downtown community.


On-street metered parking is available throughout downtown. Parking rates are identified by three zones.

  • •    Premium: $1.50 for first hour, $2.50 for 2nd hour (2 hours max)
  • •    Standard: $1 for first hour, $1.25 for 2nd hour (2 hours max)
  • •    Value:        $.50 for 1st hour, $.50 for 2nd hour, $1 for 3rd and 4th hours (4 hours max. 3rd and 4th hour available through                             Parkmobile ONLY.)

The first 20 minutes is always free for metered parking. Pay with card, coins or by phone with the Parkmobile app.
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Why ParkBOI?

User-friendly technology and a fresh new approach is making Downtown Boise parking easier and faster. This means less circling, leading to cleaner air, safer streets, and a clearer path for bikes, buses, and pedestrians.

How much does parking cost?

Parking prices are incrementally raised or lowered in Downtown Boise based on the day of the week and demand. For example, parking rates on the weekends for all-day parking in the ParkBOI garages are reduced to $5 versus the normal hourly rate charged on weekdays. And, don't forget that the first hour is always free in any ParkBOI garage!

Featured Parking

Did you know that ParkBOI includes 2,561 parking spaces in six parking garages conveniently located around Downtown Boise and includes: the 9th and Main Garage, the Capitol and Main Garage, the Capitol and Front Garage, the 9th and Front Garage and the Capitol and Myrtle Garage.